The GFC of SA is proud to be a member of:
Game Fishing Association of Australia Research
International Game Fishing Association
Game Fishing Association of Australia
- This is a GFCSA "Xls" Electronic Automatic Calculating Recording Form -
(Press on therecording form Xlsx  icon at the Bottom of the Page to Access Recording Form)
Once Open First save to your computer read step (1) below
To E-mail Follow Sample  step ( 2 )Below
Step (1)... Click recording form icon to Down Load xlsx recording form file save it to your computer name it with the date & title
Now fill it out and then press save again.
Step(2)... To send in your recording select Your computer file drop down menu at the Top Left corner of Your Screen
scroll  down to select “Send to” ...... (2) select “E-Mail workbook” .....(3)  address to: ( ) Press send & then close
The GFCSA xlsx Recording Form Down load