Game Fishing Club of South Australia
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-Heaviest And Most Mertitious Species Listings in the Over 25ft Category-

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SBF Tuna
Albacore Tuna
Big Eye Tuna
Stripped Tuna
Samson Fish
Aust Salmon
Silver Trevally
king fish
Eagle Ray
Bronze Whaler Shar
Mako Shark
Blue Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Threasher Shak
Gummy Shark
School Shark (Tope)
Broad bill Sword fish
Rainbow Trout
Silver perch
European Carp
H & MM Shark
H & MM Game Fish
H & MM Eagle Ray

-Main Trophy Categories for Over 25ft -

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Qualifying Champion Boat Over 25ft
Qualifying Champion Anglers Over 25ft
Highest Tag Point Scoring Angler Over 25ft
Highest Point Scoring Boat O25ft
Highest Point Scroing Angler O25ft